A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.

Here at Afishionado Fishmongers we are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our favourite subject… sustainable, transparent and locally sourced seafood! We are your community-minded provider of fresh and fresh-frozen seafood dedicated to bringing low-impact fishing traditions back to the plates of consumers. For us, knowing the story behind the fish we sell is paramount. We follow Ocean Wise certification as our main guide, a classification that ensures responsibility to a fishery’s abundance and catch method. We also build deep relationships with our region’s small-scale, community-based fishers and aquaculturalists, and any Afishionado products that don’t have Ocean Wise certification, such as our wild Atlantic Halibut and Cod, are fished using low-impact fishing methods, such as hook and line.

We build and maintain close relationships with those who catch our fish, and work hard to help foster a fair, transparent, traceable, and sustainable exchange of seafood in the Maritimes! We have a variety of ways of getting high quality sustainable seafood to you, including weekly, bi-weekly and monthly subscription shares, a variety of packaged deals, wholesale, and more!




Justin has a passion for promoting local and sustainable food systems. He spent his master’s on ten organic farms across Canada and back, and the past three years connecting community-based fishermen with high value markets. He brings a specialization in creating transparent, traceable value chains that support small-scale low-impact producers.  Visiting his tiny off-grid cottage in a rocky fishing village on the Bay of Fundy since his youth, Justin has always had a deep connection to the sea. When he’s not hiding out there, he’s in Halifax enjoying his community, running in the forest, or making a campfire with friends.




Hana has a strong, diverse background in food and food systems. She has experience in the government sector, from a term position with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture. Hana is an advocate for the Sustainable Seafood Industry in Nova Scotia. She started Afishionado fishmongers in 2014, a company solely focused on sustainably farmed and fished products and has grown it to a company that currently serves retail customers in Nova Scotia through the popular Catch of the Week CSF, over 30 restaurants within Nova Scotia and a growing number of restaurants and distributors across Canada. Hana is passionate about connecting people with their food and being an advocate for small, owner-operated food businesses.




Caroline is excited to join the Afishionado team. She’s worked on a wide variety of projects from owning Slickity Jim’s Chat ‘n Chew, a hip little Vancouver institution, to teaching in Spain and Korea to seven years in the TV production biz to being a mum. One constant throughout her varied career has been her love of food, the people who grow and catch it and respect for the environment from which it comes. Caroline is looking forward to this newest adventure with Afishionado and is jazzed about being your go to fish friend for all things Catch of the Week.

Laurie Starr



Laurie Starr is a graduate of Dalhousie University where she majored in Marine Biology. With a solid foundation in science she has recently completed a Masters of Marine Management. As part of her masters Laurie spent several months in Indonesia working with a local NGO and learning about the intricacies of the small-scale fisheries sector. She hopes to be able to apply some of this knowledge to the Nova Scotian context. Laurie is excited to be a part of the Afishionado team and the larger movement of reconnecting people to the origins of their food and sustainable thinking. In her spare time, Laurie indulges in Ultimate Frisbee, bouldering, and hosting potlucks.