Canada’s 150th: Musings About Canadian Fisheries

There is no doubt that Canadians are closely tied to the oceans and its resources, with a vast coastline skirting the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. In fact, Canada as a nation has recognized the abundance and diversity that exists within the Ocean for 150 years. The indigenous people who have dwelled on the land […]

Brandin’ the Bugs

Article: Hana Nelson Illustration: Scott K MacDonald How do you make an arthropod world famous? Well, you could brand it. Nova Scotia is certainly committed to the cause. Nova Scotia recently revealed a provincial seafood brand, and the federal government just granted $325 million to spur innovation in Atlantic Canadian fisheries. Stephen McNeil hinted that […]

Raw Fish 101: Does Your Sashimi Get a Passing Grade?

Sushi has rapidly become one of the most universally accessible and globalized cuisines on the planet. Even if you aren’t a fan of fish I’m sure you’ve “gone for sushi” before or maybe even hosted a “sushi night” where guests bring various ingredients to contribute to a collective maki-making shindig. While there is a growing […]

Hana’s Year-End (Beginning of the Year!) Update

In my usual fashion, I’m all but three weeks late getting to my year-end update! What a wild year of changes and adaptations it’s been, and it only seems appropriate that it’s taken me well into January just to settle down and do some reflecting. Last year‘s highlight was a complete pivot at Afishionado. January […]

Realizing the Value of Our Local Fisheries

Article: Hana Nelson Illustration: Scott MacDonald When it comes to seafood in Nova Scotia, many of us think that a fish is a fish is a fish. But an increasing focus on export and commodity markets in Nova Scotia is stripping the identity and value away from our seafood. So how do we maximize the […]